Artist Introduction: “Vocal Few”

So, there’s this band:

Or rather, a duo – consisting of husband and wife, Matt and Kristie MacDonald – which was created primarily as a means to support their family (a new EP has been released with the birth of each of their three children).

And I like them.

A lot.

So much so that I own two of their EPs on vinyl (forever my favorite way to listen to music, but I only *buy* my favorites).

This summer, they are going on a Living Room Tour across the country (more about that in the hilarious video above) – which inspired me to write a post about them, so that YOU TOO can discover this wonderful music and perhaps attend one of their concerts. I am definitely going to attend one myself this July – which is incredibly exciting, because it will be my very first time hearing them play in person (though I have seen Matt play twice with his also-fantastic band, The Classic Crime). Perhaps I’ll write about TCC another time… but for now, here’s some more information about Vocal Few:

So far, Vocal Few have released FOUR EPs – one for each of their three kids, and a Christmas EP that was released this past December. They’re planning to write yet another sure-to-be-awesome EP soon, when they spend a year as a family in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Vocal Few’s music isn’t only great musically – it’s also been extremely inspiring and encouraging to me lyrically through the years. Their songs are all incredibly hopeful, but not in a way that is at all naive or dishonest – their music also dives into some very complex topics, and the lyrics often describe sorrow and struggles in relationships. But really, it’s because their songs are so honest, including sorrow as well as joy, that they end up being so hopeful and encouraging. Matt and Kristie are both Christians, and their faith is fully evident in their music, even though they don’t mention God in every song. Nevertheless, their songs are full of Truth – and to me, they are more impactful and encouraging than most CCM music, because they are also so personal and honest.

I also really admire them as people (at least, based on their music and online posts), and how they prioritize relationships and family, while also viewing all of life, including hardships and unexpected turns, as beautiful and an adventure.

Anyways – you can listen to ALL of their music for yourself from their Youtube channel, but here’s one video from each EP (plus pretty album art) to get you started:

1. She’ll Be Right



2. Tall Trees

“When all you have is what’s inside your pocket
And all your dreams seem stuck up on the shelf
Well you’d best prepare the way for change is comin’
‘Cause the road will always take you somewhere else.”

3. The Dream Alive


“Why don’t we just live today?
Tomorrow’s too far away
We want a reason to say,
one day,
That we did our best to keep the dream alive.”


4. Snowdrift


“As Christmas comes
I’m not the same as I once was
There are more questions
Than the answers that I’ve got
So once again I’m forced
To strip it down to love
The quiet snow
Nowhere to go
I’m not giving up
You are my only hope.”

If after watching those videos and reading this post you want to learn even MORE about this amazing duo… just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Visit their website.
  2. If you want to support Matt, Kristie, and their family, buy ALL of their music… or alternatively, listen to all of it free on Youtube.
  3. Consider attending one of Vocal Few’s Living Room Tour shows this summer and meeting them in person! I am sure they will be amazing.

*BONUS*: Live recording of “Blue” from The Dream Alive


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